CaptchaFox is a privacy friendly solution to protect your applications from automated abuse like bots or spam.

To integrate CaptchaFox, you can choose to add a few lines of HTML and server-side code or use one of our pre-built integrations that make the installation process quick and easy.

If you're already using Google's reCAPTCHA, you can switch with only a few changes. See Migrate to CaptchaFox to get started.



You embed the CaptchaFox widget on your website. For example, on a registration form.


The user solves a challenge and receives a token from our server that is embedded in your form.


When the user submits the form the token is sent to your server.


Your server then verifies that token with the CaptchaFox API. If our API confirms its validity, your server will now know the user is not a bot and will let them perform the action.